Borrow an army

We do not store armies at the Chapel but some of us live near enough to nip out and get and army then bring it up to the Chapel for a game. It is best to email us if you want to try out an army. Even so you could just turn up, express an interest and see what we can sort out. We will try to shuffle the existing games around to fit you in.

The armies are privately owned and you are expected to take care of them. Any reasonable gaming wear and tear is acceptable but you will be responsible for any damage either deliberately caused or through lack of care and attention. This includes any damage caused by any people that came with you and who may or not be playing in that game. Accompanied children are welcome but a responsible adult will be held in account of their actions. The armies are painted and based. If some damage does occur do not put the offending item back in the box and hope for the best. Please point it out so that we can try to repair any damage before the next meeting.

The armies below have been chosen because they are in a small number of containers and are relatively easy to grab off the shelf. They are reasonably competitive but have not been honed to perfection.


Blood Angels

Age of Sigmar

Empire army, knights, steam tank, spear blocks, handgunners, fanatics

Bolt Action (750 points)


Burma British

Flames of War

Blitzkreig German armour 1500 points

Blitzkreig French armour 1500 points

Saga – Cross and Crescent

We have enough to make 6 points of anything from these factions


Holy Orders

Blood Bowl (4th Edition)



Kings of War (2,000 points)