2018 Sessions

Friday 15th June

40K and Deathwatch RPG played

Friday 1st June

Saga and Age of Sigmar played

Friday 18th May

Saga, Gaslands and 40K played

Friday 4th May

Saga and 40K played

20th April

40K and Saga (2nd Edition) played

6th April

Bolt Action (Chinese vs Soviets) and 40K played.

23rd March

40K and Batman Miniatures Game played

9th March

40K and Batman Miniatures Game played

23rd February

40K and Bolt Action (British vs Germans) played.

9th February

40K played.

26th January

A big thanks to Battlefront UK who provided the club with a rubber Flames of War mat free of charge.  Apologies to them for playing Bolt Action on it.  We are up for Flames of War when we can cram it in.  In all 2 games of Bolt Action (Japanese vs Chinese and British Paras vs USA) and 2 of 40K played.

12th January

Bolt Action (Korea: Chinese vs British Airborne) and 40K played.