2017 Sessions

Friday 29th December

Kings of War played

Friday 15th December:

Boardgames night, 7 Wonders and K2 played

Friday 8th December

Congo, 30K and 40K played.

Friday 24th November

Bolt Action (Soviets vs Finns) and 30K played

Friday 10th November

40K and Betrayal at Calth played

Friday 3rd November

40K and Bolt Action played.  Germans vs Soviets, the Soviets took a drubbing.

Friday 20th October

40K and Zombicide Black Plague played

Friday 6th October

Muskets and Tomahawks and 40K played

Friday 22nd September

Bolt Action and 40K played

Friday 8th September

Friday 18th August

40K and Space Hulk

Friday 4th August

40K played

Friday 21st July

Age of Sigmar and Zombicide played plus we dabbled in the new 40K

Friday 7th July

Age of Sigmar skirmish campaigning

Friday 24th June

The Age of Sigmar skirmish campaign continues.

Friday 9th June

Age of Sigmar skirmish gaming

Friday 26th May

Bolt Action, operation Sea Lion.  The main German assault comes ashore but with heavy losses and is unable to break past the beaches.  Also 40K action.

Friday 12th May

Bolt Action, operation Sea Lion.  The German coastal raid failed in its objective.  Also ‘Guards! Guards! the boardgame.

Friday 28th April
Warmachine, Cryx against Khador, not a good day for the Cryx. Also betrayal at Calth.

Friday 14th April
40K played

Friday 31st March
Bolt Action Russians against Germans and 40K action

Friday 17th March
40K Genestealers against Marines and Tau versus Thousand Sons (chaos). The Tau gun line sent the chaos marines back to the depths of wherever they came from (they probably preferred it there). Also Munchkin.

Friday 3rd March

Kings of War, Orcs versus Elves. The Elf bolt throwers made a poor show of it and the Orcs trod all over the Elves. Also 30K.

Friday 17th February
A Kings of War rematch, a very tight battle. The Orcs took the flanks but the humans punched through the centre. Also 40K and Mechabrick

Friday 3rd February

Kings of War (the Orcs overran the humans) and Munchkin.

Friday 20th January

30K, Bolt Action and Munckin. In Bolt Action Italian and British paratroopers faced off with the Italians coming second

Friday 6th January

40K Genestealers against Blood Angels and Deathwatch. It started promisingly for the ‘stealers but quickly went downhill.