Calder Valley Gamers

Who are we?

We are a small gaming club that primarily plays Warhammer 40K, historical(ish) skirmish games and the odd boardgame.

Some of us have been gaming as longer than certain games companies have been in existance others not so long.

This club has been pulled together from various other clubs and we now have the drive and will to keep a regular club night every other Friday.

See our calendar page for further details of past and upcoming occurrences.

We have done and probably will play other gaming systems. Past games have included 40K Bolt Action, Chain of Command, Saga and In Her Majesty’s Name.

When do we play?

The club is back open after the COVID closedown.

We meet up once every two weeks on a Friday night from 6 p.m. until finish. This allows plenty of time for a full game of choice.

We meet at Blackshawhead Methodist Church, where we rent the upstairs hall.

This is big enough to host three 10 foot tables. This allows us to host 6 games at a time.